I have no hesitation in recommending Pam as an engaging and articulate speaker. Her knowledge of her subject matter and her compassion for the welfare of others is remarkable.

Sue Sumpter RN, MS
Patient Services Manager
The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

Are you looking for a speaker for your next event? Is it difficult to fill all those time slots?

As a public speaker, Pam Magnuson enjoys talking about things people care about… especially about marketing for the nutraceutical industry.

Her vast knowledge of herbal supplements contribute to her presentations, and Pam shares a wealth of practical and humorous stories from a life that spans over 55 changes of address in 5 states and 3 countries.

Her wisdom comes from memorable encounters that give the listener a framework for incorporating new knowledge into their own lives.

She'll tell how a cup of soup from a Thai medicine man started Pam on her 30-year study of herbal medicine… how she started her own direct mail business in Bangkok and showed a profit in only 6 months… or when she battled a giant, homicidal Milk Thistle bush right in her own backyard.

This wealth of experience has given Pam a deep insight into the relationship we all have with the Plant Tribes of this Earth.

With a college degree in Advertising & Marketing, Pam has worked for ad agencies in Thailand, the Philippines, and throughout the United States. She’s been a television weather reporter, done radio commercials, and gives speeches on local access television.

As a long-time member of Toastmasters, the international speakers organization, Pam has earned her Advanced Toastmasters Bronze certificate.

To Whom It May Concern,
Pam Magnuson relishes challenges and delivers results with fervor.

Over the recent four years, I've had the pleasure of observing her precise and organized rhythm in delivering informational speeches with flair. I remember one presentation she gave in Lake Oswego, Oregon, for a group of about 50 professionals where she began with a "detective's attire."

The topic was about using procedures and forms, yet she approached what could have been a dry speech from a creative perspective and had the audience entranced!

Pam communicates openly and honestly. At one meeting, I heard her speak with great interest on rapport with clients, and how to listen for a person's communication. Congruence was clearly demonstrated in her tone, facial response, and attitude.

It is a pleasure to listen to Pam. She knows her topic, prepares well, and delivers a clear message in a motivating manner. I appreciate that Pam gets the facts, focuses on objectives, and isn't afraid to deliver in an innovative style, using a quick-paced delivery.

It is my pleasure to recommend Pam Magnuson to individuals and organizations seeking a quality speaker!

Cat Wilson
BA, Communication, M.NLP, CHI, ACMC
Apositiva Institute / Synergyone Training

Marketing is the voice of commerce

Even if a company develops the most terrific product known to man -- if they don’t know how to market it -- nobody will know how wonderful that product is. Hence, no one will buy it.

Booking Pam for your next event

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