Yes, Pam, I want to order “What Can You Say When You Can’t Say Anything?

I want to avoid FDA Red Flag claims and sell my natural products legally!


I'd like to pay for your training manual in one payment of $197.00, plus shipping.
This is approximately 21 minutes of an FDA attorney's time.

Because of new, special arrangements with the fulfillment company, we are now able to save you $50.00, plus lowered shipping costs. We’re now binding “What Can You Say When You Can’t Say Anything?” in heavy black spiral, rather than in the standard 3-ring binder. It’s more compact, weighs less, and is easier to handle. You can comfortably pack it in your briefcase.


I understand that with my purchase, I’m entitled to three free bonus gifts:


The complete book, SCIENTIFIC ADVERTISING, by Claude Hopkins, first published in 1928.


COPY REPAIR KIT: A complete collection of writing tools I can use to repair my website and other marketing materials. I’ll find legal Power Words and Phrases, a   checklist of Red Flag Words, a Benefits vs. Features Analyzer, a USP worksheet, and much more.


A free 30-minute phone consultation with Pam. I can talk about any subject, and ask in-depth questions about material in the book.


The download links for these gifts are on the Thank You Page after you order. Download right away or bookmark the page for later.

The world’s only resource for avoiding FDA Red Flags!


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